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Borders General Hospital, Lindean ward, 27 October 2016

… functional mental health problem three had a diagnosis of dementia and one person had a medical problem and had been … relatively high percentage of patients with a diagnosis of dementia and not a functional mental illness is not unusual … boarding on a regular basis from Cauldshiels which is a dementia ward so the activities should include activities …

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AWI guardianship visits report 2017-18

… where people with mental illness learning disabilities dementia and related conditions are treated fairly have their … rights of people with mental illness learning disabilities dementia and related conditions Our Priorities To achieve our … Alcohol Related Brain Damage Autism Spectrum Disorder Dementia Alzheimer's Disease Learning Disability Other Mental …

Published 2 Oct, 2018 | .pdf, 646.5 KB


Royal Cornhill Hospital, Skene Ward (28 September 2021, announced)

… carried out face-to-face Skene Ward is a -bedded mixed-sex dementia ward for patients who have a diagnosis of dementia and experience a level of stress and distress behaviours Previously the dementia wards consisted of Davan Strathbeg and Loirston Due …

Published 19 Jan, 2022 | .pdf, 183.5 KB


Royal Cornhill Hospital, Fyvie Ward (3 November 2020, announced)

… the time of this visit We also noted that one older adult dementia assessment ward and day hospital had closed during … are given priority over patients with other conditions e g dementia or younger adults in referrals to the ward We also … care plans for people with mental ill health dementia or learning disability and can be found at https www …

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Fruin and Katrine Wards, Vale of Leven Hospital, 11 February 2019

… Hospital Fruin is a -bedded facility for patients with dementia Katrine Ward is a six-bedded unit for patients with … and made recommendations about access to garden space dementia-friendly environment and nutrition On the day of … of person-centred care planning for individuals with dementia Whilst staff knew their patients well we did not …

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Fraserburgh Hospital, Brucklay Ward (14 September, announced)

… ward is an older adult assessment unit for people with dementia that is based in Fraserburgh Hospital The ward has … described the staff team as experts in the field of dementia they felt that the staff team had the necessary skills to manage people with dementia and always looked at ways to manage distress without …

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Engagement and participation strategy 2019-22

… lived experience of mental illness learning disability dementia or related conditions including those not yet aware … of individuals with a mental illness learning disability dementia or related condition Providers of mental health learning disability and dementia services Policy-makers and legislators on mental …

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Starved of Care - Mrs V (Full report)

… hospital in December 2008 at the age of 80. She had dementia and wad subject to a compulsory treatment order … in a general hospital in December at the age of She had dementia and was subject to a compulsory treatment order CTO … about the care and treatment of people with dementia admitted to general hospital wards with similar …

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Bennachie View Care Village, Ashcroft Ward

… April OMG APP Where we visited Ashcroft is a ten-bedded dementia assessment ward set within a new care village called … from a local GP with special interest and training in dementia The case files included recordings of these contacts … of our visit were individuals in the advanced stages of dementia and therefore the range of activities was limited …

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Maple Villa, 13 November 2017

… -bedded NHS continuing care unit for males aged over with dementia and who require complex nursing care often due to … bedroom with TV The unit was built as a specialist dementia unit There were patients in the ward on the day of … ensuite Some bedrooms were well personalised There was dementia friendly signage e g on some individuals bedroom …

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