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This section takes you directly to the content we think is of most use to medical, nursing, social work and other professionals working for people with mental illness, learning disability, dementia or related conditions.

Law and Rights

In Scotland, there are several pieces of law that ensure people with mental illness, learning disabilities, dementia and related conditions get appropriate treatment and have their rights respected.

Guidance & advice

Here you can find all the good practice guides and advice notes we have produced relating to key themes.

Notifying the Commission

We are often asked about what issues and incidents should be reported to the Mental Welfare Commission.

MHA and AWI forms

You can download and print some of the forms relating to the Mental Health Act and Adults with Incapacity Act here.

Local visit reports

We carry out local visits to people who are being treated or cared for in local services, such as a particular hospital ward, a local care home, local supported accommodation, the State Hospital or a ...

Themed visit reports

View reports from our national, themed visits to people with similar health issues or situations across Scotland, and our monitoring visits.

Investigation reports

Our investigations focus on one person, but they have lessons for lots of people. We carry out an investigation into an individual's care and treatment when we believe there are similar issues in othe ...

What people tell us

We talk to people in communities across Scotland about their experiences of care and treatment. We also talk to relatives/friends to hear their perspective on care and treatment and on supporting some ...