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This section takes you directly to the content we think is most helpful for people with their own lived experience and for relatives/friends or other carers.

Getting treatment

For some people, a mental illness is a one-off; something that happens once and passes. Other people have many episodes of mental illness. There are lots of treatments available to help people to r ...

Your rights

The Mental Welfare Commission puts individuals with a mental illness, learning disability, dementia or related condition at the heart of all we do, promoting their welfare and safeguarding their right ...

Common conditions

People with mental illness, learning disability, dementia and related conditions should have good treatment that meets their needs and respects their rights. We do our best to help make sure this happ ...

What people tell us

We talk to people in communities across Scotland about their experiences of care and treatment. We also talk to relatives/friends to hear their perspective on care and treatment and on supporting some ...

Leaflets for individuals

This information might be particularly useful for people who are receiving care or treatment, in hospital or in the community, or for their carers and relatives.

Help for carers

The Commission aims to protect and promote the human rights of people with mental illness, learning disability, dementia and related conditions. We are also committed to providing support to friends a ...

Local visit reports

We carry out local visits to people who are being treated or cared for in local services, such as a particular hospital ward, a local care home, local supported accommodation, the State Hospital or a ...

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