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Suspension of detention

… before being revised and updated in 2021. … Suspension of detention Scotland s mental health rehabilitation wards … Introduction Scottish Government guidance on suspension of detention What is suspension of detention Who suspends detention Granting suspension of …

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Emergency detention certificates revoked by approved medical practitioners

… An analysis of emergency detention certificates that were revoked by approved medical … and Karthik Bommu. … VISIT AND MONITORING REPORT Emergency detention certificates revoked by AMPs An Analysis of emergency detention certificates revoked by approved medical …

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How long do short term detentions last and how do they end?

… a person’s care and treatment should regularly review the detention. … Mental Welfare Commission Research Brief July … a person s care and treatment should regularly review the detention Indeed the Act requires that the psychiatrist keeps the need for detention under review As soon as the person no longer needs …

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Immediate re-detention

… the incidence of immediate re-detentions under short term detention certificates, particularly where a compulsory … order was refused by the Tribunal. … Immediate re-detention K A report into the incidence of immediate re-detentions under short term detention certificates Who we are and what we do We put …

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Emergency detention

… A report into the use of detention certificates for people who are already in hospital. … Emergency detention A report into the emergency detention of people who are already in hospital MONITORING …

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The use of the Mental Health Act in Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic

… this is a clear increase The rise was seen on all types of detention from shorter to longer periods of detention The difference from the most recent year compared … to the average year-on-year change was for Emergency Detention Certificates EDCs average for Short Term Detention

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Death in detention monitoring

… causes of death. … VISIT AND MONITORING REPORT Death in detention monitoring Contents Report background All … An additional individuals were in the community because detention in hospital had been suspended for a period of time … treatment order were detained under a short term detention certificate Two were detained under an emergency …

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Deaths in Detention Reviews information to health boards

… to the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland Deaths in Detention Reviews Mental Health Homicide Reviews Background … or in the community, including those who had their detention suspended)”. This is in the context of the work … 2020) all deaths of patients subject to mental health detention or a community based order under the 2003 Act of …

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Characteristics of young people detained under the Mental Health Act in Scotland, 2015-2019

… health and young people International studies - the use of detention Factors associated with involuntary hospitalisation … Demographics and related information of the sample Time of detention and safety of patient Self-harming behaviour … behaviour Impact of detentions and variations in detention practice Limitations Recommendations Executive …

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Mental Health Act monitoring 2013/2014

… of civil compulsory treatment initiated - Emergency detention by age and gender - EDCs with and without MHO consent by NHS Board - EDCs by pre-detention status and MHO consent to detention - EDCs by time of granting of certificate and MHO …

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