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Medical treatment under Part 16 of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment)(Scotland) Act 2003

… been reviewed in 2021. … Scotland s mental health Medical treatment under Part rehabilitation of the Mentalwards Health … and consent to treatment general issues The use of compulsory powers in children Welfare of the child Compulsory treatment of individuals under Child specialists …

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Visits to people on longer term community-based compulsory treatment orders

… and recommendations from our visits to people on Community Compulsory Treatment Orders (CCTOs) in 2015. … VISIT AND MONITORING … REPORT Visits to people on longer term community-based compulsory treatment orders DECEMBER Contents What we do Why …

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Can I be forced to have treatment?

… In some cases, you may be given treatment even if you do not want it. This is called compulsory treatment. There are strict rules about when this … If you need long-term treatment, you may be subject to a  compulsory treatment order . The law contains safeguards to …

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Mental Health Act monitoring 2013/2014

… from our monitoring of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act in 2013/2014. … STATISTICAL … Care and Treatment Scotland Act New episodes of civil compulsory treatment Short term detentions Compulsory treatment orders Geographical variations Nurse s …

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Compulsory treatment for mental illness in the community – how is it working?

… Themed report on community compulsory treatment orders (CCTOs), 2024. … Compulsory treatment for mental illness in the community how …

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How do DMP assessments affect patients’ treatment plans?

… responsible medical officer (RMO) for people subject to compulsory treatment under the Mental Health (Care and … the responsible medical officer RMO for people subject to compulsory treatment under the Mental Health Care and …

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Consent to Treatment

… mental health practitioners interpret the legal basis for treatment in line with best legal and ethical practice. This … will still be in favour of capacity Any person subject to compulsory treatment under civil powers of the Act see below … right for him or her When a person is no longer receiving compulsory treatment he or she should continue to get care …

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Not Properly Authorised Part 16 10-11

… Monitoring report on unannounced visits to people receiving treatment under the safeguards of part 16 of the Mental … visits to hospitals where people were receiving compulsory treatment under the Act We looked at the … by the Commission whether or not the person is subject to compulsory treatment The DMP consider whether the treatment

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Preparation of care plans for people subject to compulsory care and treatment

… a key mechanism by which a person’s individual care and treatment can be developed, documented and shared with … care plans for Scotland s mental health people subject to compulsory rehabilitation wards care and treatment themed … Medical Officer RMO to prepare when they are subject to a Compulsory Treatment Order CTO or a Compulsion Order CO …

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Characteristics of compulsory treatment orders in Scotland

… May, and published on 10 June 2022. … Characteristics of compulsory Young people monitoring report treatment orders in Scotland - - An analysis to inform future … References Appendix Data tables Executive summary Compulsory treatment is considered necessary in certain …

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